Payfastcard Voucher

The convenience of cash. The benefits of Payfastcard Voucher. The brand you trust.

Payfastcard brings you maximum convenience and control over your day-to-day money management with minimum costs and efforts. Our reloadable Vouchers take the load off your banking so that you can enjoy a simple, effective and more flexible way to pay.

What is a prepaid Voucher?

A Payfastcard Voucher can be loaded with money and used to make purchases in-store or online. It offers the security with no credit checks and / or bank account required.

Key Features:

Accepted Worldwide – Our Vouchers can be used wherever Payfastcard Voucher is accepted.

Multiple Currencies – our Payfastcard Voucher support USD, EUR, GBP, SAR, ZAR (base currency), allowing you to save money on exchange rates.

Safer than cash – convenient cash alternative for travelling, Payfastcard Voucher protect from money loss and make it easier to control spending.

Secure online payments – can be used to make purchases or pay for services online without using credit card or bank account details, in websites that accepts Payfastcard Vouchers.

Customer service – 24/7 telephone and online support, technical support.

Security – our Payfastcard Voucher are protected with the highest level of encryption technology.

Fast reload  add funds instantly through direct deposit with cash, Through one of your Partners / Distributors.

Control – charges are maid on “pay as you go” basis, allowing you to maintain a full control over your funds.

What do I need to get a Payfastcard Voucher?

Application procedure is fast and straightforward, with no hidden charges or rigid requirements. Anyone can apply. We may require that you provide a proof of identity and address, application form, i.e. a copy of your ID, utility bill up to 3 months old, but that’s all.



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