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Payfastcard Voucher

Increase sales volume, expand your customer base and streamline your business with Payfastcard Solutions.

In e-commerce, accepting credit card payments online is vital for a long-term success. Choosing the right payment processor and utilizing a secure online payment system may often be a key factor to successful operation of your business. Payfastcard offers cost-efficient, tailored payment acceptance solutions, without third party acquirers.

Need a merchant account? See what Payfastcard has to offer:

  • Straightforward, fast and simple application process.
  • Multiple currencies – accept payments in your customers’ local currency with a choice of one or more settlement currencies
  • Secure transactions and database protection – fully compliant with PCI DSS Level 1
  • Anti-fraud and risk management tools
  • Advanced management functions – reports, batching, user permissions
  • recurrent billing, one-click payments, installments, 24/7 customer and tech support.

Pay less without compromising on quality.

No third-party acquirer translates to lower fees. Since we work directly with banks and ,our rates are among the most competitive in the market. 

Save time and reduce costs with electronic billing & invoicing

  • Save up to 65% on costs associated with paper invoicing, while providing an easy online account management for customers
  • Reduce late payments with recurring billing options
  • Choose a green solution in compliance with international standards

Efficient transactions authorization with fast and secure POS systems

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorized Voucher usage
  • Maintain a steady cash flow and a secure network
  • Build a solid reputation as a secure and reliable Company.

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