Sales outlets

Payfastcard is available worldwide for your immediate us at bodegas, kiosks, and gas stations.

The Payfastcard sales location tracker is available for your use. With it you can track the nearest payfastcard selling location to you whenever you wish.

Purchase Payfastcard Online

You can login and purchase your Payfastcard from the convenience of your home sofa!
You can easily perform payments with Payfastcard  at numerous authorised sellers online. 24\7. 


Find Retailers in your country

lease note: Only ever buy Payfastcard  online from vendors approved by us. It is forbidden to buy, sell or trade Payfastcard  PINs on unauthorised internet platforms. That’s why you should never buy Payfastcard  on online auction sites. Moreover, never swap Payfastcard  PINs on websites, forums or the likes of.


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