Non-compromising standards of database security.

Maintaining security of a cardholder data is vital for establishing and preserving your customer’s trust and protecting your business from financial liabilities. Wise Solutions is fully PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) Level 1 compliant to meet the international standards of data protection.  These standards cover cardholder data protection, network security, anti-fraud technologies, monitoring and restriction access to customer data and detecting threats. 


Tokenization protects sensitive data, such as credit card details, from hackers and cyber-attacks, by substituting it with a set of unique symbols, known as a token. These identification symbols retain all the essential information for quick retrieval, without compromising the security of cardholder’s data. Tokenization is a vital tool for businesses to strengthen the security of financial transactions, while minimizing costs and complying with industry standards and local government regulations.    

  • Missing fraud protection.


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